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Brussels Creative Meetup

From the end of 2018, I created “Brussels Creative Meetup” on Meetup platform. In this way, I was able to meet up with like-minded people, play creative games, go outdoor sketching, do DIY projects etc. Every Meetup has been a great experience for meeting new people, and learning from each other. See pictures of past events below. This group now has been changed to Antwerp Creative Group, exploring what activities would be interesting to hold in Antwerp.
Meetup LOGO
10-min portrait by Jenny

10-min portrait by Jenny

10-min portrait by Jenny

10-min portrait by Jenny

10-min portrait by Jenny

10-min portrait by Jenny

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Creativity Sources Where do inspirations come from?


To create good work, 80% of the process is thinking, and 20% is to create the solution with tools. With the development of technology, designers update ourselves with new tools and functions. What’s more important, is to observe the world and people, read and think, conclude principles. Learning from totally different areas can always broaden our thinking perspectives.


My Chinese given name means “Art”, because my father loves art. I like to go to art museums and exhibitions around the world. Art is a way for artists to communicate their abstract ideas and feelings. Art can be beautiful, art can be heart-touching. I am fascinated by the thoughts behind art works, and it gives so much inspirations.


A study suggests that listening to happy music promotes more divergent thinking—a key element of creativity. I play ukulele and I like to sing for fun. Music creates bonds between people, and it has been an effective way for me to relax and recharge my energy. Playing with different elements and organize them together, is another form of the creative process.


Languages are the way people label things, people structure the mind. Learning the way how people created those ways to communicate one meaning in different ways is very interesting. Language is the key to culture. It has helped me a lot in understanding cultures, people, and their behaviors.


Emotional intelligence is an interesting field. Being able to be aware of one’s emotions, and analyzing where they come from, whether they are making sense, how to deal with them, and most importantly, stay in control. It is an essential soft skill to have to be able to work together with people. I believe leaders should have a good sense of empathy to understand people’s emotional world and their motivations.


What are my motivations in life? There are two. The first one is to create value. I am motivated to do something useful for people and for the world. Either big or small, make influences and make things better. The second one is self-growth. I am motivated to learn things I did not know, face my shortcomings, and uncover my potentials. I love to take on new challenges and keep growing.