Your youth

Our Mission Start feeling 10 years younger from TODAY!

UltraLifting your face

Your youth

Our Mission Start feeling 10 years younger from TODAY!

UltraLifting your face


What is UltraLifting?
Am I a candidate?
What to expect?
Common questions?

SAGGING FACIAL SKIN Top Causes That Lead To Wrinkles And Saggy Skin

Skin is the reflection of the health of the body. The most common cause of sagging facial skin is ‘aging’, with age, the collagen (which gives skin its strength and elasticity) and elastic (the stretchy part of the skin) get weaker and weaker. This is when wrinkles start to form as ‘expression’ lines.


  • UltraLifting My Face

    “It’s unbelievable! I can’t believe the difference between the before and after pictures. I didn’t expect so much from a non-surgery treatment. But it happens. I feel lucky that I tried it. UltraLifting really gave me my life back. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!”

    Marisa. M 53 YEARS OLD

  • UltraLifting My eyes

    “I look absolutely natural, just a little bit disappearance of the wrinkle around my eyes, I look much more younger! I’m very happy with the results and I will try it on my face and chin. Can’t wait for my next treatment!

    Carina.D 62 YEARS OLD

  • UltraLifting My Chin

    “i was so surprised by the treatment result of UltraLifting. I feel i am 10 years younger and I am so confident with myself now. ” 

    Bianca.C 45 YEARS OLD

  • UltraLifting MY décolletage

    I have been taken care of my face and neck for years. my face hides my age quite well.:) but when I take a party dress or bikini on the beach, my body reveals everything!!! especially my decolletage.#$%^ I received an UltraLifting treatment 3 months before, which suppose to create a lot of “hole” in my skin( not on the surface) and stimulate the regrowth of collagen. and what’s now? I can’t wait for the summer!

    Nancy .D 58 year old

What is a comprehensive Ultralifting procedure?

STEP 1: Consultation

Discuss with your UltraLifting provider: are you a candidate of UltraLifting? Do you have the contradictions for this treatment? Which kind of result can you expect? And so on…

STEP 2: A DeepSee skin analyzer

DeepSee is an assistant tool for our practitioners to know the condition of your skin. Based on this analyzer, you are not only acknowledged the skin sagging lever and potential wrinkle of your skin, but also 8 aspects of your skin problem: pores, hidden wrinkles, radiance, skin tone, melanin, pigmentations, vascular.

STEP 3: Customized treatment plan

Based on the result of your skin analyzer, our practitioner will make a treatment plan together with you. You can plan a full-face treatment in one session or break it up to fit your time.

STEP 4: Guaranteed result

In order to evaluate the result of the treatment, we ask our practitioner to take photos before, immediately after, 3 months after and 6 months after the treatment. It is important to know how your skin reacts to the energy, and eventual work out a tailored plan for your future anti-aging campaign.


Beautysalon Sannerke


30 UltraLifting treatment did from 2018/10/01 to 2018/12/30

“ I am so excited about this new technologies, I’ve been doing laser hair removal and treatment like microdermabrasion for 10 years, but I really need something new and effective to keep my client happy. I did it! all my client had Ultralifting are satisfied with the result they have. I believe that more and more peoples will try it and like it. “

Satisfied patients’ example

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