Graphic Design

Graphic Design can be both online (web images, presentation design, infographics, icons, online posters etc.) and off-line (restaurant menu, flyers, brochures, business cards, roll ups, posters, packaging etc. ) materials.

LOGO Design

LOGO Design can be designing a brand new LOGO from scratch, or improvement of an existing LOGO. The process includes initial briefing, idea generation, prototyping, iterative loops of feedback, further development, and finalization.


Websites built with WordPress, or other platforms. Contents are presented in a modern and neat style. It can be a multi-language, with calendar, Chat-bot, contact form. Possibility with teaching session to teach you how to maintain your own website afterwards.


Illustration can be used both online and off-line materials. It can also be combined with graphic design in some cases. It is a vivid way of telling stories, showing a scenario, or explain complex processes in a visualized way.

Event Photography

Event photography is used for events like birthday parties, cultural events, conferences etc. Photography captures the moment for good memories or documentation. It can be offered together with a short event video.

Short Videos

Short Videos can be creative stop-motion videos to tell a scenario, hand-draw videos to explain things, it can also be putting video clips together. A short video is usually 1-2 minutes, max 5 minutes.